Two Girls With One Dream♥

Gjorde videon tillsammans med @Negativecolors (Ni som har facebook och twitter vet vem hon är tror jag) och nu försöker vi få Justin att se den. Om ni gillar videon, kan ni i alla fall posta videon på er blogg? Ni kan också tweeta Justin, för som jag säger i videon, jag gör en bok till Justin ifall vi någonsin kommer få träffa honom ;)
Tack för att jag fick några minuter av er tid<3

Kram Madde

Postat av: lynn

hello, my name is lynn .. and I just watched your video. Yes I come from london but I greet visiting my cousins ​​here in Sweden. I feel that way you do .. I also want to meet Justin. And he has also given me so much insperation.. And I will not stop fighting with my dream. But the thing I react to, what, when you said he make you feel beautiful,good and so on, when everything is really ugly and bad. I just want to say you are very beautiful, and cute! You have a nice incredibly cute face and I'll bet you have some nice personality. Never forget that all is perfect in its way!

so never stop believing. And stand up for yourself disqualification! for you will go far, with just your personality. hug from Lynn!

2011-06-08 @ 08:50:45

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